'Alcatraz': Watch Preview of Monday's 'Johnny McKee' Episode (Video)

Cast member Sam Neill says Johnny, the latest Alcatraz inmate to resurface, is "the sort of guy you don't want to run into in a bar."

Fox has released a preview of Monday's episode of Alcatraz, "Johnny McKee," featuring interviews with the director and series stars.

The latest Alcatraz inmate to wreak havoc is Johnny McKee (Adam Rothenberg), a guy "whose specialty is to poison people," episode director Brad Turner says.

Cast member Sam Neill, who plays Emerson Hauser, described the character as "psychotic," "dangerous" and "he kills people in deeply unpleasant ways." "He's the sort of guy you don't want to run into in a bar," Neill admits.

Sarah Jones, aka Det. Rebecca Madsen, gave Johnny some credit for going about his ways. "There's a method to his madness," she reveals. "He gets very experimental about the poisons that he uses as well."

In the preview, it shows Johnny getting a job as a pool man after the hiring manager asks him if he is knowledgeable on pool chemicals. "My favorite class was chemistry," Johnny says with a wry smile.

Watch the preview below:

Alcatraz airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.