WonderCon 2012: 7 Teases From ‘Alcatraz’ Cast and Producers

Alcatraz Flashlight TV Still - H 2012

Alcatraz Flashlight TV Still - H 2012

The cast and creative team from Fox’s Alcatraz took over the ballroom on Sunday afternoon in Anaheim.

In speaking to how the premise came about, executive producer Steve Lilien recalled having a dream that he was the only one walking around Alcatraz island and had the idea that when the island closed, it was part of a conspiracy.

But why was Alcatraz a prime location for the mythology-driven series? “You say the word and it’s gothic and mysterious. When you go there, it’s a great prison. It makes sense that you would house the [world’s biggest prisoners],” said executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt. “Then when Robert Kennedy signed [the papers] to close Alcatraz, it had to be part of a conspiracy,” which was met with some laughter.

If viewers are skeptical about whether answers will be given as the first season closes out in a few weeks, producers kyboshed their worry – for the time being.

“We have a master plan. We do know where we’re going,” said executive producer Jennifer Johnson, teasing that parts of that story will be revealed during the 13th episode. (Monday's episode will also be inspired by the true story of the Birdman.)

Though the future of Alcatraz is unclear, producers are moving ahead with their plan. When asked whether the season finale is a closing of a chapter, Johnson offered this tease.

“It’s one hell of a cliffhanger,” she said, with Lilien teasing that they “have great ideas for season 2 and beyond.”

Here are some teases from the Alcatraz panel:

1. Will Lucy be integrated back into present day?: “Because my character got put into the ‘60s, it totally blew open the door for what was going to come to come to be and what was going to come in the last three episodes. I really think you’ll see the combination of flashbacks that I’ve been in and I’m not sure what I can say,” Parminder Nagra said, before looking to the producers.

“Why would we waste her just in the past?” Johnson asked, before teasing that that will be answered.

2. A new (and pivotal) character will be introduced: “It’s a character we haven’t met so far and he is working with Warden James. We’ll meet him in two weeks in the finale.  We will meet the character behind the warden story,” Johnson teased.

“I figured there was something dark going on there,” Johnny Coyne, who plays the warden, said. “There were a few winks going on in my direction so I kind of knew [where the character was going].”

“Look for a wink in episode 12 from the warden. Look for it on the docks,” Johnson teased.

3. Rebecca vs. Tommy revisited: When asked whether more light could be shed between the encounter showed in the promo clip prior to the panel, star Sarah Jones remained coy. “The video is pretty thorough in teasing the possibilities of what can happen in the next few episodes,” Jones said.

4. “Some of the questions about the silver will be answered in episode 13,” Johnson said. “We’ll learn a lot about the blood and what it all means to the larger picture.” Wynbrandt also teased that you’ll find out “the source of the blood,” whether it is Tommy.

5. Big car chase in the finale: The panelists teased Rebecca catches her grandfather by recreating the Bullet scene on location in San Francisco, which took three days.

6. More prisoners will return: In the last three episodes of the season, some Alcatraz prisoners will be popping back up. Should a return of Jack Sylvane be expected?

7. Rebecca's parents unveiled?: Producers teased that in the finale, the question of Rebecca's parents will be addressed.

Alcatraz airs Mondays on Fox.