Flight Attendants Want Alec Baldwin and '30 Rock' Off American Airlines

Alec Baldwin SNL

The story of Alec Baldwin's ousting from an American Airlines flight last week may qualify for frequent flyer miles once it finally runs its course.

Following the actor's Saturday Night Live cameo over the weekend, in which he further mocked his refusal to turn off his cell phone on the tarmac, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has formally expressed their displeasure. And they want Badwin's 30 Rock banned from in-flight entertainment.

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“The APFA has requested that American Airlines remove the show from future flights, but would be agreeable to implementing it again if, and only if, Mr. Baldwin publicly apologizes to American Airlines flight attendants," reads a statement from the group.

And the group, which represents nearly 18,000 flight attendants from American Airlines, might not want to hold its breath for that apology.

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Baldwin has since issued a mea culpa to his fellow passengers, put out by the ordeal, but remained firm in his insistence that he'll never fly American Airlines again.

As for the likelihood of such a ban, American Airlines' in-flight programming is dictated by what NBC-Universal offers them. 30 Rock routinely rotates in and out of availability on flights.