Alec Baldwin to Harvey Weinstein on 'SNL': "He Could Have Gotten Away With It If He Was President"

Alec Baldwin returned to NBC's Saturday Night Live as President Donald Trump and started things off at Paul Manafort's apartment.

"You're so so screwed, it's a shame you're going to prison, because I was about to give you a huuuuge tax break," Baldwin's Trump told the fake Manafort (played by Alex Moffat), referring to news earlier this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election resulted in indictments for Trump's former campaign chairman on felony charges of conspiracy against the U.S. and other counts, as well as a guilty plea by former adviser George Papadopoulos to interactions between Trump campaign associates and Russian intermediaries during the campaign.

Baldwin, as Trump, joked that Manafort would need a shiv in prison "because after the stuff I've said about certain ethnic groups, they're really gonna go to town on you in prison."

The duo proceeded to shower together, which Trump insisted on. “I brought you into the shower to make sure you weren’t wearing a wire, Paul. We’re going to do this Gone Girl style,” he said. "Mr. President, I would never do that with you," Manafort said, to which Trump replied, "That's what she said. ... Speaking of which, what an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is. He could have gotten away with all of it if only he'd gotten himself elected president."

Weinstein is currently being investigated by the LAPD, the Beverly Hills Police Department, the NYPD and London police for alleged acts of sexual assault. On Friday, the NYPD announced it had an "actual case" with valid evidence against the disgraced producer. To date, more than 70 women have come forward against the movie mogul. 

The SNL sketch also made fun of Trump's Asia and Hawaii trips. "Paul, believe me, my staff is much happier that that look-alike is going. They were terrified that when I got to China, I would do the slant-eyes thing like that guy on the Houston Astros ... hilarious, by the way. Everything is so politically correct, I’m surprised you can even say 'Oriental rugs' anymore."

The bit ended with Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon), Trump, Manafort and Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) getting in the shower.

Watch the clip below.

The episode was hosted by Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David, who delivered a controversial Weinstein-aimed monologue that also mentioned dating in concentration camps.