Alec Baldwin Teases Steve Martin About Breaking 'SNL' Hosting Record in Monologue (Video)

Martin and Seth Rogen pop by during the monologue to ask the "30 Rock" star to give a urine sample to make sure he hasn't used any "steroids or performance-enhancing drugs" to take the title.
Martin Bureau/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin has now hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live more than any other person.

With Saturday night's 37th-season premiere, the 30 Rock star broken his tie with Steve Martin to take the title.

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"This is my 16th time hosting, which means tonight I'm passing Steve Martin and setting a new record for the most times hosting SNL," Baldwin said in his monologue. "Now a lot of people make a big deal about the record. I don't really care about that; it's not a competition, because if it was, I've won."

He added: "When you think about it, time is on my side. What is Steve? 100? So, no matter how many times he hosts, I'll always have time to catch up."

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Baldwin also quipped that Martin was "a big help" when the two hosted the Oscars together.

In a surprise to viewers, Martin showed up to defend his honor.

"Well aren't we proud of ourselves," Martin said. "I was just passing by the studio in full makeup and I heard you were breaking my hosting record, and while I'm happy for you I wanted to make sure you were doing it without the use of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs."

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He then asked Baldwin to give him a urine sample and brought out a "medical team" and "expert on drug use" -- Seth Rogen -- to help out.

"I wonder if my being out here counts as a hosting?" he asked Rogen, who confirmed it didn't with a quick Internet search on his phone.

Martin proceeded to drink the "sample," declaring it free of drugs.


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