Alec Baldwin Reveals Impression of '30 Rock' Co-Star Tracy Morgan on 'Conan' (Video)

Laughing off rumors of a mayoral run, the actor ran through his catalog of impersonations, including his animated colleague.

30 Rock returns to the NBC schedule on Jan. 12, but for those annoyed with the wait, Alec Baldwin delivered a fairly accurate impression of one of his co-stars on Monday night's Conan.

After regaling the host in his cartoonish accents of a cab driver, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a "dinosaur flying over Narnia" that sounded an awful lot like Jimmy Stewart, Baldwin turned his attention to Tracy Morgan.

"He's a man-child, is -- I guess -- the most generous way I could put it," said Baldwin. "He's very sweet and very sensitive."

Baldwin then described a memory of one of his interactions with Morgan during the first season of 30 Rock. He walked in on the tired star watching old videos of Michael Jackson and looking discouraged.

Watch exactly what took place near the 10:25 mark: