Alec Baldwin's Trump Can't Stop Tweeting During National Security Briefing on 'SNL'

SNL Alec Baldwin Trump Tweeting - Screengrab
'Saturday Night Live'/Screengrab

Alec Baldwin reprised his impersonation of Donald Trump in another Saturday Night Live cold open, poking fun at the president-elect's frequent activity on Twitter.

Baldwin's Trump couldn't stop himself from retweeting random supporters in the middle of a national security briefing at Trump Tower.

"God, Seth seems so cool," he said after retweeting a high school teenager (played by SNL's Pete Davidson). "His twitter bio says he wants to make America great again."

Kate McKinnon, as Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, attempted to cover up for the distracted president-elect: "There is a reason Donald tweets so much. He does it to distract the media from his business conflicts and all the scary people in his cabinet."

"That's not true," Baldwin's Trump replied, clarifying, "My brain is bad."

Kenan Thompson and Alex Moffat, playing two of Trump's aides, pleaded, "Mr. Trump, please stop retweeting all these random, real people. You're not getting any work done."

He responded, "That's not true. I was elected 25 days ago and already unemployment is at a nine-year low, millions and millions of people have healthcare and Osama Bin Laden is dead."

Turning his attention back to the security meeting, Baldwin's Trump tried to address international issues in Pakistan ("Should I call them?") and North Korea ("Should I text them?") before McKinnon's Conway rushed him off to attend a dinner with Mitt Romney.

"Do I have to?" he whined. "Then can we at least have a picture of us together where he looks like a little bitch?"

Emma Stone hosted the Dec. 3 episode with musical guest Shawn Mendes.

Trump's actual dinner meeting with Romney, his potential pick for secretary of state, sparked a social media frenzy when a photo of the pair made the rounds on the internet earlier in the week. In the image, Romney's face is that of Chris Christie's Super Tuesday "hostage" expression, which also went viral on Twitter.

Shortly after SNL's cold open aired, Trump himself tweeted in response to Baldwin's impersonation of him, writing that it "can't get any worse." Baldwin, who has engaged in Twitter feuds with the president-elect in the past, tweeted back: "Release your tax returns and I'll stop."

On Monday morning, Trump again addressed criticism aimed at his tweeting.

"If the press would cover me accurately & honorably, I would have far less reason to 'tweet,'" he posted on Twitter. "Sadly, I don't know if that will ever happen!"

Dec. 5, 11:10 a.m. ET: Updated with Trump tweet.