Alec Baldwin's Trump Makes Bedtime Appearance in 'SNL' Cold Open

Alec Baldwin once again returned as President Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live’s cold open, as the NBC late-night sketch show show tackled the instantly infamous “Nunes memo” released by House Republicans this week. Written by Rep. Devin Nunes, the memo frames the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia as a biased, deliberate attack on the president. 

Alex Moffat, Melissa Villaseñor and Beck Bennett played Fox & Friends correspondents who spoke with President Trump’s White House communications director Hope Hicks, portrayed by Cecily Strong. Chris Redd also played religious leader Louis Farrakhan.

Baldwin then surprised with a cameo as Trump lounging in bed and very pleased with the memo. He complimented Fox & Friends’ huge ratings. “Of course, not as big as ratings for my State of the Union speech, which was watched by 10 billion people,” Baldwin’s Trump said. “This memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence,” he added. “I dunno, I haven’t read either of one of them.”