Alex Rodriguez Says Wedding to Jennifer Lopez "on Pause" Amid Pandemic

Jimmy Fallon welcomed Alex Rodriguez to his Tonight Show on Thursday night where the pair caught up on how quarantined life has been going, the status of Rodriguez and fiancée Jennifer Lopez's wedding and how Lopez's One World: Together At Home performance came together. 

After Fallon mentioned that he assumed Rodriguez and Lopez were to marry this summer, the baseball legend admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic has ultimately affected their wedding plans. The pair got engaged last March. 

"We have to go with the flow now. Everything is fluid. Everything has been just on a pause," Rodriguez explained, adding that they are simply seeing "where the world takes us." "We just want to make sure we think safety first to make sure all the little ones are all in a good place," he said. 

Rodriguez then took a moment to celebrate Lopez for delivering a powerful rendition of Barbra Streisand's "People" during the One World: Together at Home special. Lopez performed the set via live-stream from her and Rodriguez's backyard.

"It was a family effort," Rodriguez said of how her performance came together. Though on hand to help film, Rodriguez admitted that he couldn't take credit for how well the filmed performance turned out. "Our kids are much better at the arts and the camera angles," he said. "I never thought our backyard would convert into a concert hall."

After her performance, Rodriguez said Lopez received a text from Streisand, which led the singer to be giddy. "I felt like Jennifer turned into her daughter Emmy as a 12-year-old. She was so excited. She got red in the cheeks," Rodriguez recalled.

As for what he's doing in his spare time, Rodriguez said he's "probably watched 20-25 games of the classics on the MLB Network" and has been watching The Last Dance ESPN docuseries.

Later in the show, Fallon enlisted host Sean Evans once again to help challenge Rodriguez with the infamous "Hot Ones" challenge. The game, based on the popular YouTube game series, features players eating hot chicken wings and answering personal questions about themselves. The wings become progressively hotter throughout the game.

"This will just be another bonding experience," Fallon joked to Rodriguez, who was taking on the challenge for the first time. 

Throughout the game, Fallon and Rodriguez expressed how much they enjoyed each wing, but Rodriguez mentioned that Lopez was offering pointers throughout. "Jennifer's behind you giving me instructions on how to eat the wing," he said. 

For one of Fallon's questions, Evan asked how working with his family has been for Fallon while filming his show from home. Evans asked Fallon whether his wife, in her new role as a director, has annoyed him at any point by doing her job wrong. Apart from his wife rolling her eyes or head at times while he films a sketch, Fallon described his wife as "a rockstar" but then jokingly said it's his kids who seem to be the bigger disappointment.

"My graphics department, sometimes they phone it in but they're my kids," he said as he held up a marker drawing they did of his show's logo. "So I say, yeah, do a better job. They didn't care. The first couple of logos were great." 

After Evans mentioned that because this marked his fourth time playing with Fallon, he wanted the late night host to reveal which celeb guest was the most upset for being forced to play the game. Fallon has previously played the game with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Selena Gomez and J.J. Watt.

"Selena Gomez was probably the most mad," Fallon admitted, recalling visiting her in her dressing room afterward to find her throwing up and yelling at him to get out. "It was insane! I don't know if she'll ever talk to me again," Fallon said.

For the last dab round, in which Fallon and Rodriguez had to place a dab of the hottest hot sauce on their final wing, Evans told Fallon to describe three athletes without using names for Rodriguez to guess. Rodriguez correctly guessed each athlete. 

Watch the full segment below.