Alicia Keys Covers 'Gummi Bears' Theme on 'Late Night' (Video)

Alicia Keys Fallon - H 2012

Jimmy Fallon continues to be the king of presenting quirky musical numbers. On Wednesday, he welcomed Alicia Keys to NBC’s Late Night, where the singer's rendition of the Gummi Bears theme song really sold the idea that candy-inspired bears will fight for what’s right, no matter what.

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For those needing a refresher, Disney’s The Adventures of the Gummi Bears ran from 1985 to 1991 and chronicled the tales of seven bears endowed with magical abilities, such as the power to bounce really, really high thanks to special juice that they drank. (No performance-enhancing drugs were included in their gummiberry juice, as far as we know.) That particular skill came in handy when they were fighting the evil Duke Sigmund Igthorn and his army of ogres.

Where the show’s original theme song was cheerful, Keys’ slowed down piano version gives the lyrics a new hint of sadness, as if the duties of being a Gummi Bear aren’t all fun and games.

Grab yourself some gummiberry juice and watch the video below.