Alicia Silverstone Loses Her Head in 'Making a Scene With James Franco' (Exclusive Video)

The newest episode of James Franco's TV-mashup web series, Making a Scene, is notable for two reasons: Alicia Silverstone makes a guest appearance, and the sketch lets Al Bundy live out what is probably a lifelong fantasy.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive first look at Wednesday's show, Franco teases a Married With Children/Dexter mashup in which Al (Franco) is a serial killer who is very into his work. He's not nearly as meticulous as Dexter Morgan, however.

Silverstone plays Al's neighbor/nemesis, Marcy. After she and Al trade insults, she meets the same bloody fate as the rest of the Bundy clan. The patently awful headless effect just makes the scene that much funnier, and it fits in with the cheap-looking, "cardboard" set, as Franco refers to it.

Making a Scene releases new episodes Wednesdays on AOL. Silverstone will appear a few more times in the current season, including an appearance as Charlotte in a Sex and the City/Breaking Bad mashup.