'All My Children' Farewell Honored With Notable Alumni of ABC's Daytime Drama (Photos)

The long-running soap helped launch the career of several Hollywood actors, including Josh Duhamel and Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo.
ABC/Rick Rowell

After 41 years on the air, the beloved ABC soap opera All My Children signed off on Friday, Sept. 23. As the actors say their final goodbyes, The Hollywood Reporter takes a look back at some of the series’ most famous alumni.

PHOTOS: 'All My Children': Famous Alums of ABC's Daytime Drama

The show is where Susan Lucci (as Erica Kane) grew to fame. It's also where actors like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Josh Duhamel and Michelle Trachtenberg got their start.

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The show may be ending its network run, but like countless other daytime drama characters and storylines, it will be revived again and live on via a web series produced by Prospect Park.

Join THR in saying goodbye to All My Children, as we celebrate a few of the show's most memorable newcomers.