'All My Children' Remembered by Viewers on Last Day

As the show signs off air today after 41 years, fans take to Twitter to remember the soap.
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Fans took to Twitter to lament the last day of All My Children, quickly making the show a trending topic.

The soap will sign off ABC Friday after 41 years on the air. It will be replaced with daytime talk show, The Chew.

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The show is where Susan Lucci (as Erica Kane) grew to fame. It's also where actors like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Josh Duhamel and Michelle Trachtenberg got their start.

Here's what viewers are saying:

BigFroggy101 Big Froggy 101
Farewell "All My Children." May Erica Kane RIP along with whatever evil twins, lovers, and long-lost children she may have had.

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podfeet Allison Sheridan
Today is a sad day - after 41 years, All My Children goes off the air. I've been watching for 33 years.

eeksta1 eeksta1
i dont care if the universe is about to blow up, if @bostonchannel interrupts todays all my children for any reason, i'll rip faces off.

aylaGotIt Jayla Williams
I've been watching All My Children with my mom and sisters since I was 9 I can't believe its ending today :( #ScrewTheChew

KoolStoryBroO_o Alexa Lee
All My Children ends today..yea im feeling some type of way. ive been watching since i was little with my nana :(

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GAgal28 Kristin
Awe.... All My Children is a TT --------------> My heart is heavy cause today it's final airing on live TV. Erica Kane is still fab! #AMC

majones1716 Maryann Jones
Been watching All My Children since 1975. Will miss seeing my Pine Valley Family everyday! Hope to see you ALL in Jan. #ThanksAMC

gigles13 Kate
@edenriegel All My Children, mostly BAM (@Theehendrickson), helped me come to terms with sexuality at age 11. Now I'm 21 :)
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dmang5 Dan Mangiapane
My grandma would be upset if she knew All My Children was coming to an end today.

lantejashfan Maddie G
Can't believe this is is the last day of All My Children. #ThankyouAMC

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ShelleyWebbRN Shelley Webb
Farewell All My Children and its cast members. You'll always be a part of my "growing up" years.

khayestaylor Kimberly HayesTaylor
I remember scheduling my college courses around #All My Children. Couldn't miss it. Work life freed me of addiction; so sad it's going away.

peacelovefaithx Angie :)
getting my box of tissues ready @biancaxchrista for the season finale of all my children today!!

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jeremypratte Jeremy Pratte
I think they should end the last episode of All My Children with that Friday song. And Erica Kane exploding.

PILeeAlvarez Lee Alvarez
I am in mourning over the loss of All My Children. Shame on ABC for cancelling it. So long Pine Valley. I shall miss you. And like crazy.