'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': La Toya Jackson on Her Surprising Decision to Spare Omarosa

La Toya Jackson
Adam Olszewski/NBC

Jackson competed on the fourth season, won by John Rich. She famously did not get along with her all-women team and was fired in week eight. In the next episode, she became the first previously fired candidate to be reinstated in the competition, replacing Jose Canseco, who withdrew after learning that his father was terminally ill. But Jackson was fired one week later after admitting that her fellow teammates were not responsible for their loss. She is playing for the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

La Toya Jackson shocked Donald Trump -- and viewers -- on Sunday's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice when she decided not to bring villain Omarosa into the boardroom with her.

Jackson -- and every one of her teammates -- had butted heads with Omarosa throughout the task, which called for the two teams to create a soap opera incorporating Crystal Light. Omarosa went missing for most of the task -- saying she had to deal with an emergency (her late fiance Michael Clarke Duncan's 911 tapes were being released) and then returned just in time for the presentation to the execs.

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Despite the fireworks between Jackson and Omarosa -- which turned into a heated exchange during which both women stood, cocked their necks and put their hands on their hips, to paraphrase fellow player Lil Jon -- Jackson as project manager decided to bring Brande Roderick andDennis Rodman into the boardroom. She explained that she thought Trump would never fire Omarosa, but Jackson ultimately sealed her own fate and was sent packing.

On Monday night, Jackson appeared on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where she expounded upon her line of thought in the boardroom.

"I kept saying over and over, if I lose, I'm bringing her back," Jackson said. "Then she started those crocodile tears, and I thought Donald bought it. If he bought it, he wasn't going to fire her. So what do I do now? It was like a catch-22 for me."

Jackson added that the boardroom is pretty intense.

"There is so much pressure, especially when you're about to be fired, and your mind is spinning. … You don't know who is on your side at that moment," she added. "They're all sitting there quiet, afraid to express their feelings in case that person snaps at them."

Jackson also agreed with Fallon that Trump likely wanted to keep Omarosa around longer purely because of the drama she brings to the show.

"He needs that excitement," she added.

Next up, Jackson stars in her own reality show, Life With La Toya, for Oprah Winfrey's network, OWN, which debuts April 13.