'Almost Human' First Look: Meet the Geeky Tech Genius (Exclusive Video)

British actor Mackenzie Crook plays Rudy Lom on Fox's upcoming series, and THR debuts a first-look featurette.
Kharen Hill/FOX
Mackenzie Crook

Almost Human premieres in less than a month, but Fox is rolling out a few videos that delve into the main crew.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a featurette centered on dorky lab genius Rudy Lom, played by British actor Mackenzie Crook (Britain's The Office, Game of Thrones).

For Crook, joining a futuristic sci-fi drama was a departure from recent experiences. "I've done a lot of period stuff in the past," he says in the video, which offers a glimpse at the awkwardness that envelopes his alter ego. "I want to go to the future."

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So who is Rudy Lom, aka "the brains behind the operation"? He's the creator of the androids with whom officers in the Los Angeles police force must partner in 2048.

"I don't get to see the light of day very often," Crook deadpans. And though Rudy lives in "a tough world," Crook says his character "has made a cocoon around himself," immersing himself in the technology so he "doesn't really have to deal with this crazy world that's going on outside of his four walls."

Watch the video below:

Almost Human premieres Nov. 17 on Fox.

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