'Alpha House' Finale to Feature Anthony Weiner, Bill Murray

Alpha House Anthony Weiner Still - H 2014
Amazon Studios

Anthony Weiner is among the politicians and newspeople set to appear in the season finale of Amazon Studios' Alpha House.

The former New York Representative, who found himself at the center of sexting scandals and unsuccessfully campaigned for New York mayor last year, will make a cameo in the Jan. 10 closer.

Former GOP head Michael Steele, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin and Tom Brokaw also will make appearances during the episode. Bill Murray, who was seen briefly in the series premiere, will return as jailed senator Vernon Smits.

In the finale, Sen. Gil John Biggs (John Goodman) plans an unexpected event for a fellow senator who passes away following an "encounter." Meanwhile, Sen. Louis Laffer (Matt Malloy) learns if he will be representing Nevada for another term and Sen. Robert Bettencourt (Clark Johnson) attempts to fend off rivals in his bid for re-election.

Alpha House, which follows four senators who live together in a house in Washington, D.C., was written by Garry Trudeau, who produces with Elliot Webb and Jonathan Alter. Mark Consuelos also stars with Cynthia Nixon, Amy Sedaris, Wanda Sykes and Julie White.

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