CBS' '48 Hours Mystery' to Air 'Amanda Knox: The Untold Story'

The program will feature Knox's personal accounts of manipulation and sexual intimidation while in prison.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

CBS' 48 Hours Mystery will air a special program, Amanda Knox: The Untold Story, on Saturday, Oct. 8  at 10 p.m. following the release of Amanda Knox earlier this week.

The telecast will feature a special report by correspondent Peter Van Sant, revealing details in a letter that Knox wrote of the manipulation and sexual intimidation she suffered while behind bars.

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Investigative journalist and CBS News consultant Bob Graham, reading from Knox’s letter to Peter Van Sant: “He was fixated on the topic of sex, with whom I’d done it, how I liked it, if I would like to do it with him. When I realized that he really wanted to talk to me about sex I would try to change the subject.”

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48 Hours Mistery will also show exclusive video diaries from Knox's best friend Madison Paxton, whch she collected for more than 10 months. Paxton moved to Italy in support of Knox.

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