Amanda Knox's Former Boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito Appears on 'Today' (Video)

Raffaele Sollecito on Today - H 2013

Raffaele Sollecito on Today - H 2013

ABC's Diane Sawyer landed the first interview with Amanda Knox, who recently released her memoir about her imprisonment in Italy; now the Today show has nabbed Knox's ex, Raffaele Sollecito, for an interview as he promotes his book, Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox.

Appearing on Friday's edition of the NBC morning program, Sollecito sat down with Savannah Guthrie and maintained his innocence in the murder of Knox's roommate in Italy, Meredith Kercher; Sollecito was sent to prison along with Knox, and after four years behind bars, both were acquitted in 2011 because of insufficient evidence. Recently, an Italian court overturned that ruling and requested a new trial to start sometime in 2014.

"We are all disappointed for this decision because we don't understand the reason why," Sollecito told Guthrie, adding: "I already know I am innocent and we have already proved it."

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Although Knox won't return to Italy for the trial, Sollecito said they've been discussing how to handle the latest setback in their drawn-out, tabloid-fueled courtroom saga. When asked why he never threw Knox (who he had only been dating for a week) under the bus to save his own skin, Sollecito said he knew she was innocent and he "had to be very serious and not playing a game with some people who wanted this game to be played."

Sales of Knox's book, Waiting to Be Heard, were given a boost earlier this month after her interview with Sawyer aired in primetime on ABC. Sollecito's Honor Bound arrived last September and reveals how he refused to turn his back on Knox as the tawdry case made headlines around the world.

"(Amanda) told me that she thinks that I’m a kind of hero, but I don’t feel so," he said. “And I don’t need any kind of gratitude. ... I did it because I know it’s the truth. It’s the good thing to do. It’s the only way for me."