'Amazing Race' Finale: David Copperfield Reveals the Challenges of Creating His Road Block (Video)

The three remaining Amazing Race: All Stars teams head to Las Vegas in Sunday's finale to take part in a road block created by illusionist David Copperfield.

Father-son duo Dave and Connor, country singers Caroline and Jennifer and newlyweds Brendon and Rachel will take part in a challenge that find them working to master "the art of escape." Copperfield said he was approached by the Amazing Race producers, with whom he designed the road block, once they decided to end the season in Las Vegas, where Copperfield performs at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

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"I've been doing these physical and escape challenges throughout my entire career," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "They're not just magic. This show is an example of people testing their abilities to think and be clever and do all those same things [I have to do]."

The illusionist also has a history with CBS, which has aired several of his specials, including one in which he made the Statue of Liberty disappear and another in which he escaped from Alcatraz.

"All those specials were based on physical challenges, and very exciting to do," he says. "The challenge here for me was to design something that could be done three times in a row -- not just once. It had to be repeatable for three different times. The challenge was to find a way to do magic three times."

Copperfield is reluctant to spoil the details of the challenge, but does say it involves "physical ability, endurance and cleverness and is something that truly defies death."

He also had only a few months in which to perfect the road block; typically, he spends two or three years on his illusions.

Copperfield also was impressed by the final three teams.

"They are all really smart -- each one competes in a different way," he says. "It was interesting to see who does and doesn't like each other. The dynamic was fun. The challenge moves very fast; they were very focused groups who wanted to get the job done; they were enthusiastic and willing to learn, obviously. You'll see what happens."

While Copperfield enjoys watching the show when he can -- he performs 640 shows a year, so he admits it "hard to watch a lot of TV" -- he says it would be "really fun" to be a contestant on the Race.

"I'd love to do it -- maybe take some time off," he says.

The Amazing Race: All Stars finale airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS. Watch a sneak peak above.