'Amazing Race' Sneak Peek: No Use Crying Over Spilled Alcohol (Exclusive Video)

There are a lot of spilled drinks and broken glass in Sunday's The Amazing Race All-Stars.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, titled "Smarter, Not Harder," in which one racer pours blood and tears into an exhausting roadblock and another racer suffers a meltdown during an extremely difficult detour.

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In this clip, the 11 remaining teams hit a bar to try to pour drinks without mixing -- but it proves a difficult task.

"We wouldn't make very good bartender," says Cord McCoy, one-half of the cowboy brothers team. Adds Jet McCoy: "Between what we broke and spilled, we would owe them."

The Amazing Race All Stars airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on CBS.