'Amazing Race' Season 19 Winners Revealed

Ernie Halvorsen and fiancée Cindy Chiang brought home the $1 million prize during Sunday’s finale on CBS.
Sonja Flemming/CBS

After a worldwide dash, culminating in a final trek through Atlanta, it was Ernie Halvorsen and fiancée Cindy Chiang that nabbed the $1 million prize during the season finale of CBS’ The Amazing Race.

The Chicago natives beat out Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi, from California, and former NFL player Marcus Pollard and wife Amani of Pine Mountain, Ga. to become the victors of the show’s 19th season. During the final leg of the challenge, all three couples were required to land a jetliner during a flight simulation, find the home of Gone With the Wind author Margaret Mitchell and draw their 40,000-mile journey on an oversized world map at Turner Field.

After the broadcast, Halvorsen and Chiange admitted that their most unsettling moment came at the Atlanta airport while attempting to hail a cab.

“Nobody wanted to take us,” Ernie said. “That was the most stressful thing as we saw the other teams departing.”

For the driver that volunteered his services, “we [gave] him all the rest of our money as a tip,” said Cindy.