'Amazing Race's' Winnie and Pam on Their Elimination: 'Unfinished Business' With the Donkeys

Pamela Chien, Winnie Sung

The best friends -- Chien is an art director and fitness instructor, while Sung is a senior project manager -- have already had lots of adventures, including skydiving, bungee jumping, going on a safari, trapezing and kayaking. "We don't really have a lot of fears," Sung says. "We're not scared of the water; we're not scared of heights; we're not scared of jumping off high things; we're not even scared of eating weird things." They think their smaller statures could be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what the challenges, call for, but also in terms of the other teams underestimating them. "I already know everyone's pegged us as, 'Oh, don't worry about those girls; they're harmless and small,'" Chien says. "But I look forward to actually proving a lot of these teams wrong."

After last week's non-elimination leg, another team was cut from The Amazing Race on Sunday night.

Pam Chien and Winnie Sung came in last place on the mat and were eliminated from the CBS reality competition.

The best friends were strong contenders for the $1 million prize throughout the race, but they ran into trouble with a detour in Botswana that found them choosing between brains (riding a horse while trying to remember images of 10 animals in order) and brawns (coercing donkeys into pulling a load of branches and sticks).

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On Monday, the duo talked to THR about what went wrong.

THR: When did you realize you were going to come in last place?

Winnie: By the time we got the horses wrong the first time, we pretty much knew we were fighting [not to come in] last place. Definitely when we got it wrong the second time, we knew we were dead last, and we knew we just had to finish the task at that point.

THR: What actually went wrong?

Winnie: First of all, we missed the ostrich. That was the first thing we did wrong, and the second thing was we picked the rhino instead of the hippo. At that point, after we did the horse challenge wrong the second time, we were just hoping for maybe a penalty or a non-elimination leg.

THR: You tried brawn, switched to brains, and then went back to brawn. How long were you out there trying to get past the detour?

Winnie: It was way harder than it looked. We were at the donkeys for 20 minutes before we switched tasks, then when we went back we spent another 30 minutes trying to get them to move. The donkeys did not want to move.

Pam: The first time around [on the horses] it took about an hour. It was quite long. That's why we knew by that we took way too long on the horses.

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THR: It seemed like you were front-runners for a good part of the race. Did that make your elimination harder to take?

Pam: I think during the whole race, we felt like we were doing the best we could. We were pretty strong, but we didn't want to feel overly confident. It was disappointing to get eliminated. We had so much fun and did the best we could. We didn't have any kind of regrets.

Winnie: Obviously, if we nitpick every small decision we did while running the race, we would do some things differently. But looking back overall, in the big picture, we have no regrets. It was so much fun and the best time of our lives. We can't feel bad about anything.

THR: After you were eliminated, who were you rooting for to win?

Pam: No one [laughs].

Winnie: It should have been us.

Pam: At that point in the game, there was only one team that was consistently in the front. It seemed like a crapshoot. Only one team had won legs before, so the next strongest team could easily go out.

Winnie: If you watch past seasons, it's anyone's game. It's not like there's one thing that makes you a sure winner. Anybody can win this.

THR: Would you do it again if asked?

Pam: Oh yeah, absolutely. We have serious unfinished business to do with those donkeys.