'American Chopper': Paul Teutel Sr. and Jr. Begin Building Bike in Attempt to Make Up (Exclusive Video)

Paul Teutel Sr. and his son, Paul Teutel Jr., have been working to mend their relationship on this season of American Chopper.

The two have been feuding for the past couple of years, prompting Discovery Channel to change the title of the show to American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior for the previous two seasons.

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In last season's finale, they met up to talk about their issues, and this season, they decided to build a bike together to try to rebuild their relationship.

Monday night's episode shows their first attempt at building the bike, an "old-school style" in the vein that Paul Sr. "loves," according to Paul Jr. (Watch an exclusive clip above.)

"Obviously when you get into something after three years and you start geting around each other, is there an awkwardness?" Paul Jr. says. "Yeah, I mean it would be unnatural if it wasn't a little awkward. ... There's a little history there, so it's a little uncomfortable here and there? Too bad."

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Adds Paul Sr.: "I was definitely a little bit worried about doing this bike togehter. We did  a few things [previously] together, and they weren't good at all. But I felt that it was different right out of the box. I think if anything is going to start giving us a relationship this is it."

American Chopper airs at 9 p.m. Mondays.