'American Horror Story': Death, Exorcism and Sister Jude's Secrets Revealed

Jessica Lange as Sister Jude
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Here, Emmy winner Lange plays Sister Jude, a nun who rules Briarcliff by any means necessary. "She's haunted and driven by the demons that are nipping at her heels the entire time," Lange previews. While she respects Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes), she clashes with just about everyone else in the asylum -- especially unwanted guests. 

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday's "Tricks and Treats" episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.]

American Horror Story exposed the deep and dark secrets inside Briarcliff during the second episode of the FX anthology series' sophomore season Wednesday, with an episode that featured the death of two characters at the hands of Bloody Face.

Inside Aslylum, the hour also featured attempted escapes and more information about Sister Jude, Dr. Arden and Dr. Threadson's shady backstories. Here's a look at the facts and burning questions from AHS: Asylum's second episode.

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Fact: Present-day Bloody Face clearly wanted an upgrade, stabbing Adam Levine's Leo repeatedly in the torso. Wonder if he was looking for a handsome upgrade to his mug?
Burning question: Is this truly the end of the line for Leo?

Fact: Also a Bloody Face victim -- in 1964 -- Lana's girlfriend, Wendy (Clea Duvall), who won't be able spring her partner out of Briarcliff anytime soon.
Burning question: Is this the same serial killer who wiped out present-day Leo? That's some aging cream!

Fact: Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) goes after Lana's (Sarah Paulson) memories in an attempt to cure the gay reporter and likely wipe away the atrocities occurring at Briarcliff, turning to Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) for assistance. Their solution: Electroshock therapy.
Burning question: After Jude flips on her previous decision and backs the doc's cruel methods, how much more will she accept before she calls a spade a spade? Plus how much will Lana remember after her "treatment"?

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Fact: Dr. Oliver Threadson (Zachary Quinto) meets Kit, who insists that aliens have taken his wife, Alma. The psychologist's diagnosis? Acute clinical insanity. Also privy to Lana's abuse and Briarcliff's rampant malpractice, he confronts Jude about the conditions he dubs barbaric and outdated. Threadson does his part to challenge the status quo, crashing Jude's consult with parents whose teenager is possessed and being called in to assist with an exorcism.
Burning question: The non-believerhears the voice of his biological mother revealing she's glad she gave him up through the possessed boy who also reveals Sister Jude's back story -- as an entertainer with an affinity for soldiers who hit a little girl in blue one drunken night home and left her bleeding on the road. Will all the patients mirror the Briarcliff staff's dark secrets?

Fact: Eunice is dying to know just what the creatures she's feeding in the forest are, with Arden keeping her under his thumb.
Burning question: Shelley witnessed the duo's awkward exchange, will she tell Jude what her prized pupil is doing behind her back?

Fact: Arden, who rejects Shelley's passes, has a date with a call girl -- whom he has dress up as a nun to look strikingly like Sister Eunice. She discovers his stash of tied up and tortured call girls and escapes.
Burning question: Will we see her again? Will she do anything with that information? Will the mutual attraction between Eunice and Arden create a power capable of toppling Sister Jude? Or was that the devil in Eunice?

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Fact: Despite objecting to the exorcism, Threadson goes along with it only to witness the "witch doctor" be thrown across the room and Sister Jude be rendered powerless.
Burning question: Where do we begin with this scene?! Is the devil so strong in some people that God's will means nothing?

Fact: Kit tells Grace that he couldn't fake crazy as the two plot the impossible: an escape from Briarcliff.
Burning question: Lana stops the whole thing from happening -- and could have just as easily found her freedom in the thwarted escape. Why didn't she make a run for it?! Will she use her memory of the bakery's tunnels to save herself and anyone else?

Fact: Kit spares Grace from 20 lashings as punishment for their attempted escape.
Burning question: Will Lana see his stand-up deed as a window into the upstanding guy he truly is or will it serve as a wedge between the trio who all share the same goal?

What did you think of AHS: Asylum's second episode? What are your theories about Bloody Face? Hit the comments with your thoughts. American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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