'American Horror Story': Alexandra Breckenridge Offers 5 Things To Know About Moira

Moira the Housekeeper No. 2

Alexandra Breckenridge plays the young Moira who continues to cross the line with Ben. Episode 3 of the series will explore Moira's back story and her bizarre ties to Jessica Lange's Constance. Spoiler alert -- It involves the following quote Lange has in the pilot: "Don't make me kill you again."

Alter-ego Conroy teases that the ties that keep Moira bound to the house will be explored. "You learn a lot, the explanation of everyone and why they’re there is quite moving. And why the house is revealing so much – it’s a deep, deep story."

On Wednesday’s American Horror Story, the meaning behind one of the most chilling lines of dialogue in the drama’s ambitious pilot is finally explained as co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk explore the back story between Constance (Jessica Lange) and Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy).

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Breckenridge to discuss what keeps the creepy housekeeper who appears as a young and over-sexed version (Breckenridge) to some and an older and sharper-tongued version (Conroy) to others in the home as well as why Constance despises her as well as if anyone will ever make it out of the home. Here are five things to know about Moira ahead of Wednesday’s episode.

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1. The ties that bind. Constance and Moira's history will be revealed in Wednesday's episode, titled "Murder House." "[The episode] really explains a lot as to why she becomes the younger version of herself to seduce men," Breckenridge says. Look for other clues about Moira's history, including some interesting references to her mother in the hour in which a terror from Ben’s (Dylan McDermott) past resurfaces. Conroy, meanwhile, tells THR that Moira and Constance have “very long relationship [that’s] quite sad and violent.” “The intimacy between the two of them -- every relationship in this gets very deep when it is explained,” she says. “Everyone is tied together in this strange house that reveals things that wouldn’t otherwise be revealed.”

2. Same ZIP code. Constance has been in the neighborhood for a long time -- but not always next door to the creepy mansion with a horrible history where the Harmons now reside. "She lived there," Breckenridge reveals. "After the incident in Episode 103, she stays there for a few more years."

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3. The origin of "Don't make me kill you again." Perhaps the most chilling line of dialogue from the pilot, which Constance delivers to the elder Moira, will be explained. “In Episode 3, you see Constance kill her,” Murphy tells THR. “She’s trapped, that’s one of the rules we get into in future episodes: Why can’t they leave? It’s explained.” Breckenridge notes that Moira’s loyalties, despite being more than obedient to Constance, are to the house. “Most of [Moira’s] purpose is trying to get her body dug up so she can get out of there and move on.”

4. Move already! There's a reason the spirits, including both versions of Moira, continue to haunt the joint. "Essentially if you pass away on the property and your body remains there, you're stuck in the house," Breckenridge offers. Adds Conroy: “The explanation of everyone and why they’re there is quite moving -- and why the house is revealing so much -- it’s a deep, deep story and you learn a lot.”

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5. What’s with the young and old thing? Breckenridge teases that her young seductress has a bigger role than merely tempting men – like Ben -- with fidelity issues. “It’s sort of her vengeance on how she died,” the actress notes. “She also enjoys teasing and being dominant.” Look for more to be explained in the supersized 90-minute Halloween episode, including which woman young Moira reveals herself to.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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