'American Horror Story': 7 Things to Know About 'Asylum's' First 5 Minutes (Video)

Adam Levine BTS AHS - P 2012

Adam Levine BTS AHS - P 2012

American Horror Story's rebooted second season is a week away and FX has unleashed the first five creeptastic minutes of Asylum via the show's official Facebook page.

The clip, below, features The Voice's Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's "The Lovers" as the couple explores the 12 most haunted places in the country, bringing them to Briarcliff Asylum.

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Here are seven things to know about the spooky estate in the reboot from Glee's Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

1. Built in 1908, Briarcliff was the largest tuberculosis ward on the East Coast -- and a whopping 46,000 people died there. Or roughly 45,900 more ghosts than the Harmons' haunted L.A. home featured. 

2. What happened to all the bodies? They were shuttled out through an underground tunnel called the "Death Chute." That's potentially what Emmy winner Jessica Lange was carrying in the buckets depicted in the first (of many) cryptic teasers released in August.

3. With Lange playing Sister Jude, religion will clearly play a big role in Asylum as the Catholic church bought Briarcliff in 1962 and turned it into a sanitarium for the criminally insane. Because why not?

VIDEO: 'American Horror Story': Adam Levine Enters the 'Asylum'

4. Like the Harmons' home in season one, once you die there, you don't get out, only legend has it that once you were committed at Briarcliff, you never got out.

5. As co-star Levine teased with an early on-set photo, Bloody Face really does exist: turns out Briarcliff's most famous resident was a serial killer who went by that moniker. 

6. "The Lovers" are interrupted when they hear a mysterious banging coming from the property and explore the Death Chute -- to dangerous consequences.

7. The clip ends with the revised opening title sequence, featuring the same pulsating theme music kicked up a notch and (shocker!) haunting and cryptic teasers of what to expect this season. And AHS loyalists breathe easy: the killer font returns as well.

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. on FX. Watch the clip below.

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