'American Horror Story: Asylum': Are Mysterious Teasers the New Opening Credits? (Video)

American Horror Story Asylum title - H 2012

American Horror Story Asylum title - H 2012

FX's American Horror Story has released a fourth mysterious teaser featuring the latest hint as to what's to come in its rebooted second season, Asylum, but are all the creepy promos effectively spelling the new opening credits?

The fourth clip, released Tuesday, offers a beautiful white rose that blooms to reveal a woman screaming as she's imprisoned in a straight jacket, likely inside the East Coast institution for the criminally insane. Previous installments have featured a nun disposing of body parts in the woods, another nun -- clad in white -- delivering a blue coat who's well aware that she's being watched, and more recently, the hydrobath, featuring a likely prisoner drowning in a sea of white liquid.

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The pieces all offer hints as to what's to come on the anthology series from Glee's Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, and follow the same pattern that FX used to promote the first season of the drama, which starred Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott as a family dealing with the horrors of adultery -- and the worst neighbor in the world in Jessica Lange's Constance.

The first season used teasers featuring similar imagery as to what ultimately appeared in the opening credits -- hands clad in black (Rubber Man!) playing the cello over a woman's torso (Vivien's pregnancy) as well as a creepy stone baby that previewed the horrors of being trapped inside the home once you die (Larry the Burn Guy's wife, children, Vivien's dead baby).

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Check out the latest Asylum teaser, below, and hit the comments with your theories. American Horror Story: Asylum premieres in October.

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