'American Horror Story': Chloe Sevigny's 5 Most Cryptic Teases on What's Next for Shelley

Chloe Sevigny as Shelley
Frank Ockenfels/FX

Sevigny plays Shelley, a sex-crazed inmate at Briarcliff who enjoys Sister Jude's punishment a little too much.

Shelley the Nymphomaniac hit a major obstacle in her attempted escape during Wednesday's American Horror Story.

Attempting to flee the house of crazy alongside Kit, Lana and Grace, James Cromwell's evil Dr. Arden caught Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) and woke up after being knocked out to find that he'd amputated both of her legs. 

"She's pretty pissed off and pretty helpless," Sevigny told reporters Thursday during a conference call. "In the beginning, you're not rooting for her and you think she's a bad girl and then you see her helping Kit (Evan Peters), Lana (Sarah Paulson) and Grace (Lizzie Brochere) and realize she's pretty selfless."

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Committed to Briarcliff by her husband, where she's being treated for nymphomania, Sevigny warned that things will only "get worse" for Shelley.

Set in an insane asylum for the "criminally insane" in the 1960s, Shelley is one of a handful of inmates being treated for what society deems unacceptable for the era, which include Lana's homosexuality, among others.

Here are five clues from Sevigny about what's next for Shelley.

1. "After she gets in the clutches of the evil doctor, you're rooting for her and hope she can escape and find a way out," the actress says. The doctor, meanwhile, has been experimenting on the inmates, which includes electroshock therapy.

2. "Her disadvantage is only increased, she gets more and more helpless. It's very tragic actually," the actress says, noting that she's already wrapped filming on AHS: Asylum but might be invited back. "What happens to my character is not light in the least. It might be the one of the heaviest things I've done."

3. Like the first stand-alone season of AHS, will everyone die at the end? Sevigny says this season doesn't really compare with a ghost story. Considering Leo (Adam Levine), Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Lana's girlfriend Wendy (Clea Duvall) -- as well as the inmate referred to as The Mexican -- have all apparently died on the series so far, the actress only hinted that their fate may not be as black and white. "They might be somewhere else, they may be revealed later in the season as something else," she hinted.

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4. As would be expected for a patient being held captive by Dr. Arden, things will really get worse for Shelley as she'll continue to be strapped down in his lab. "I don't know how much more dialogue I have, there's lots of gurgling," she joked. "You see her transform into something not so pleasant to look at that takes four hours of prosthetic makeup." Asked if she may be going in the direction of the Raspers, Sevingy would only say that she "might be going in that direction."

5. Considering Kit, Lana and Grace last saw her inside the asylum before they retreated back into Briarcliff after seeing the Raspers on the grounds outside, might they get curious what happened to her? "You'd think that they would. I don't think they are; maybe Lana references her later on," she says, noting that they're all more concerned with getting out. So will anyone else grow curious as to her whereabouts? Yep. "You'll be surprised at who is looking out for her and concerned about her," she hinted. We're looking at you, Sister Jude (Jessica Lange).

Check out a preview of next week's episode, below, and hit the comments with your thoughts on what you think will happen to Shelley. American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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