'American Horror Story' Finale Preview: What Happens After 'Birth'?

American Horror Story EP After Birth 4 - H 2011
Prashant Gupta / FX

Last week's penultimate "Birth" episode of FX's American Horror Story packed a big punch emotionally and for the series when Vivien (Connie Britton) died (in the house!) after delivering twins.

Now that Ben (Dylan McDermott) knows the rules of Murder House -- thanks for that, Violet (Taissa Farmiga) -- what will the troubled psychiatrist do now that his wife and daughter are trapped among the undead spirits of the creepy estate?

That's just one of The Hollywood Reporter's many burning questions that remain as AHS heads into its epic 90-minute freshman season finale Wednesday, titled "Afterbirth. Below, check out our list of burning questions as well as photos and a preview from the finale.

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1. Will Ben survive? In the preview below, Ben takes a gun to his head … with a gunshot heard immediately afterward. Will he join his family in the house's purgatory?

2. What happened to the stillborn baby that Charles (Matt Ross) delivered and handed to Nora (Lily Rabe)? Was it a stillborn baby?

3. Who's the daddy? Ben and Tate (Evan Peters) each fathered one of the babies, but was the child delivered stillborn Ben's? Is the child growing at an alarming rate Tate's?

4. Speaking of growing at an alarming rate, what's with that anyway? What kind of "demon baby" is it?

5. Will Ben realize that the surviving baby (assuming the stillborn baby is dead, that is) isn't his?

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6. Why do all the ghosts of the house -- Nora, Hayden (Kate Mara), Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Pat (Teddy Sears) -- have baby fever?

7. What's it going to take for Ben to finally get his ass out of the house?

8. Why does Rubber Man return and who's wearing the suit now that Vivien and Violet know it was Tate who originally wore it? Surely the buff photo below isn't Tate, right?

9. How do you get rid of the undead? Billie Dean's (Sarah Paulson) "croatoan" ritual from 1590 didn't exactly work when Violet attempted to banish Chad and Pat from the property.

10. How will Moira (Frances Conroy) play a role? She has a history with Constance after being trapped in the house at her hands and is still loyal to the home. Will she want a house of happy ghosts and play a role in deciding who gets to play mommy?

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11. Who will finally retain custody of the baby when all is said and done?

12. What will Tate do to make nice with Violet after she realized that her ghostly boyfriend raped her mother and fathered her brother? How will he respond to news of the atrocities he committed that landed him in the house to begin with?

13. Judging from the clip below, why is Constance keeping the baby locked up in a closet with the same shattered mirror that she'd use to torment Adelaide?

14. Will Ben blame Constance for the loss of his wife and daughter? Will Constance survive Ben's wrath? What will the house's growing army of undead do to Constance? Is she immune from the house's dark pull?

15. Can Violet and Vivien change the energy of the house? Will all the ghosts remain?

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16. Is that a baby Tate in the photo below with Constance or is this "demon baby" really aging quickly?

17. Who painted "RUN" in what appears to be blood on the walls? What's frightening enough to get an already dead Vivien to run screaming through the house?

18. Will the Charles and Nora's sewn together child Thaddeus, aka the Infantada, rear its fanged head in a bid for a normal mother?

And the biggest burning question: With Vivien dead, what will Season 2 look like?

Watch a promo for Wednesday's finale below. What do you think will happen? What are your theories? Sound off in the comments below. American Horror Story's 90-minute season finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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