'American Horror Story': Looking Back on the 'Wild Ride' and 'Experiment' of Season 1 (Video)

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From left: New homeowners Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga and Connie Britton

A week after a season finale that saw the third and final member of the Harmon family die in the Murder House at the center of American Horror Story’s freshman season, the cast and crew are weighing in on the shocking episode in a pair of new videos.

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Did everyone involved with FX’s horror-thriller know of the plan for the series to ultimately become an anthology, with a revolving cast of characters? What was shooting the finale like? Who will come back and how in Season 2?

“The question was would they really kill off the entire cast? None of us were really sure they would do it and then slowly but surely we’ve been watching and Violet’s dead, Vivien’s dead. There’s no way they’re going to kill off Ben,” editor/director/co-producer Brad Buecker says in the first of two clips below.

In addition, co-creator Brad Falchuk weighs in on the impact that Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga) had on viewers, noting that they “ended up being the real Romeo and Juliet couple of the show.”

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“We had an idea about [the couple], but we didn’t know how much that relationship would pop and how much you would care about them,” he says.

“This season has been quite a wild ride and an experiment and to see if we could do a horror show that would work on TV and I think that we have,” Falchuk says. “I look forward to being able to continue this as a great horror anthology.”

As for what comes next now that co-creator Ryan Murphy formally announced American Horror Story’s anthology plan to feature a different setting, cast and story every year, executive producer Dante DiLoreto offered another option for Season 2: not just who comes back but how they come back.

“The good news is we get to come back and do another season,” DiLoreto says. “What that is, and who is in that season and are they alive or not is a very, very good question and I don’t know that anyone knows the answer to that yet.”

Murphy told reporters during a conference call that talks are under way to bring a “handful” of actors from Season 1 back next year — but as different characters.

Watch the videos below and hit the comments with your theories on who should come back and how.

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