'American Horror Story': Did You See Violet's Reveal Coming?

Violet Harmon

Taissa Farmiga plays Violet Harmon, the daughter of Ben and Vivien. The bold teen has issues with the sad state of her parents' marriage and isn't happy about being uprooted to Los Angeles. She ultimately meets Tate (Evan Peters), a patient of her father's, who helps her get a pack of "mean girls" from school off her back. Only one problem: What Tate planned more than likely didn't come out in the dark and involve fangs and claws. Ultimately, Violet is one of the series' strongest characters and isn't put off by facing her fears.

"There is a darkness in the house and she’s attracted to it," Farmiga tells THR. "I think she’s one of the keys to figuring it out and overcoming it... She’s not afraid of anything."

[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s “Smoldering Children” episode of FX’s American Horror Story.]

American Horror Story answered some burning questions with Wednesday’s “Smoldering Children” episode and set up -- and delivered -- quite a few more for Violet, Larry, Constance, Ben, Vivien and company.

Here are six big reveals from Wednesday’s episode.

1. Violet’s a ghost. After a truancy officer drops by the Harmon home to inquire about Violet’s (Taissa Farmiga) whereabouts after she missed 16 days of school, Ben (Dylan McDermott) starts exploring boarding school options for his daughter. However, once Tate (Evan Peters) hears the news, he comes up with a Romeo and Juliet-inspired plan that would keep the love of his life close. When Violet doesn’t take too kind to the idea, he’s forced to tell her the truth: She’s already dead and has become one of the ghosts confined to the creepy estate, where she’ll have all the time in the world to play Chess with Tate.

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2. Daddy issues. After learning that he’s only the father to one of Vivien’s (Connie Britton) unborn twin babies, Ben drops by the mental facility to tell his wife that he finally believes that she was raped by a guy in a rubber suit, and is forced to explain the news: a rare medical anomaly has occurred and her twins have different fathers. While she’s escaped the house (for now), the horror remains for poor Vivien.

3. Burning man. Before the opening credits can even roll, Larry’s (Denis O’Hare) back story is explained. An unhappy Tate blames Larry and his affair with mom Constance (Jessica Lange) for the death of his brother Bo and destruction of his family. The haunting scene of a drugged-out Tate walking into Larry’s workplace, dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire likely led to Tate’s school shooting massacre.

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4. Packed house. Larry’s wife and daughters appeared to Larry, who after being rejected by a mourning Constance, vows to his burned bride – who originally set fire to the house, claiming her life and the lives of their daughters – that he’d make things right. However, his ghostly burned wife clues him in: Constance didn’t destroy their family – he did.

5. New family. Since Travis died in the house, he’s there to stay – and has an instant family in Larry’s wife and two daughters, who take kindly to their new “roommate.” Ironic that in death, Travis gets what Constance had wanted from him in the first place: a family. You almost feel bad for poor Constance that she won’t be raising Vivien and Tate’s child with the guy.

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6. Patient from hell. Worried that Ben will ship Violet off to boarding school, Tate dons the Rubber Man costume and confronts Ben. During the scuffle, Ben manages to unmask him and learns that Tate, his former patient, is the guy responsible for raping Vivien.

American Horror Story has two more episodes before its season finale. Were you surprised by Violet’s reveal?

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