'American Horror Story': 5 Things Learned From 'Birth'

The penultimate episode was a game-changer for Ben -– and the series.
"American Horror Story's" Connie Britton

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s “Birth” episode.]

Wednesday’s penultimate episode of American Horror Story’s freshman season packed a wallop of an emotional punch for Tate and the Harmons as Vivien (Connie Britton) returned to Murder House for the (unexpected) birth of her twins.

Here are five big reveals from Wednesday’s “Birth” episode. 

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1. Vivien died in the house after the birth of her twins. Fresh out of the mental institution, Vivien goes into labor three months early as the “alpha” twin has developed so quickly – and taken over her womb. After giving birth to what’s likely Ben’s (Dylan McDermott) stillborn baby, Vivien has a grueling delivery, where ghostly doctor Charles (Matt Ross) is unable to stop the bleeding. Britton breaks everyone’s hearts when Vivien screams, “It’s ripping me apart!” She slips away as Violet (Taissa Farmiga) tells her it’s OK for her to let go and join her among the house’s more permanent residents. The surviving baby, meanwhile, is unseen. What kind of shape will the "demon baby" be in? Is it a hot mess?

2. Ben learns Violet is dead. After bringing Vivien back to Murder House to pick up Violet before heading off to the airport to jump a plane to Florida, Vivien goes into unexpected labor while waiting in the car in the driveway. After Constance (Jessica Lange) hears Vivien’s screams, she ushers her into the house, where Violet – in an effort to spare her family from the house’s evils – tells Ben the rules of the house: she’s dead and they should leave immediately.

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3. Violet learns Tate raped Vivien. After trying to banish Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Pat (Teddy Sears) from the house in a bid to keep her soon-to-be-born siblings from them, Chad spills the beans about who the fathers of Vivien’s twins are: Tate and Ben. Violet ultimately confronts an unbalanced Tate (Evan Peters) and grills him about why he started seeing Ben as a patient in the first place and refreshing her boyfriend’s memory about his brutal history of murder. Using Nora’s (Lily Rabe) method of making a ghost disappear, Tate vanishes. But is it permanent?

4. Billie Dean breaks down the house’s energy. Arriving at the request of Violet and Constance, the psychic says the creepy joint has a paramagnetic grip – like a battery, with negative energy that feeds on trauma and pain and draws things to it. It’s the same type of energy that’s often found in prisons or asylums. As part of the lesson, Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson) can hear Violet’s thoughts, and vice versa, and advises Violet to use a “croitoan” ritual from 1590 in a bid to permanently remove Chad and Pat.

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5. Hayden is back – and wants her baby. After delivering the “demon baby,” Constance and Moira clean up her new grandson, with Hayden (Kate Mara) coming in to take control: “Hey bitches, you get all that slime off my baby yet?” Now that’s an entrance.

Vivien is dead, Ben’s left with a demon baby that isn’t his, Violet has severed ties with Tate and Constance and Hayden are in a battle for a demon baby. What will happen to the baby? Is Ben safe? How will Tate respond to news of his violent past? Can Violet and Vivien change the energy of Murder House? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

American Horror Story’s Season 1 finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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