'American Horror Story's' Most Memorable Deaths: Which Is the Most Shocking?

The FX anthology has featured some brutal — and graphic! — deaths during its four-season run
Michele K. Short/FX

Ryan Murphy and FX’s anthology drama American Horror Story may have a new location, set of characters, time period, story and scope each season, but there is always one constant: shocking deaths.

As Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, "The [body count is] a consistent thing from season to season that doesn't alter."

Although the series is only midway through its fourth season, the body count through its first 45 episodes is close to double that number — especially when factoring in characters who were dead before viewers even met them as well as those who have died more than once.

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Between its A-list stars, the colorful cast of characters they inhabit and the unique combination of genre elements that make up each season, American Horror Story’s writers and producers have no easy task coming up with new ways to keep the kills coming. Here, THR takes a look back and ranks some of the most creative — and most emotionally resonant — kills.

Click here to see THR’s gallery of AHS' top 10 most memorable deaths and vote in the poll below which of the 10 is the most shocking. 

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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