'American Idol': Drama Overwhelms Night Two of Hollywood Week

American Idol - Publicity Still - H 2020

Hollywood Week continued on American Idol on Sunday night. After last week’s genre challenge, the remaining contestants had to sing duets with their competition for day two. This was the first time in Idol history that a duet challenge was implemented during Hollywood Week. For some of the duos, only one singer made it through. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie had to make some tough cuts.

First up were Louis Knight and Francisco Martin, who sang “Break Even.” Martin had trouble remembering his lyrics, but that often happens during the high-pressure environment of Hollywood Week. Both of them made it through to the next round.

In the next slew of duets, Franklin Boone and Jordan Moyes sang “Use Somebody,” but only Boone advanced. Lauren Mascitti advanced, even though her duet partner Leon Majcen did not. Cameron Havens also stood out in a duet of “Shallow” with Ren Patrick, who did not move forward in the competition. And between Hannah Prestige and Grace Lee, only the latter was sent through by the judges.

Duos who made it through together included Jimmy Levy and Nick Merico as well as Isa Pena and Olivia Ximines. The latter gave the best duet of the episode. Aliana Jester and YZThasinger both advanced after their duet as did Faith Becnel and Jovin Webb after their performance of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Landen Starkman and Perrin York both advanced along with Genavieve Linkowski and Travis Finlay, who sang “The Prayer.” Linkowski hadn’t sang many duets since she lost her sister, but she pulled out a stellar performance here.

There was some drama throughout the episode as well. Madison Paige couldn’t find her duet partner Peyton Aldridge to practice their rendition of “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” Aldridge also last minute decided to play his guitar for the performance without running it by his partner. Despite all the drama, they both advanced.

In other dramatic pairings, Zack Dobbins and Courtney Timmons couldn’t decide on a song to sing together. They finally settled on “Dangerous Woman,” but they were both eliminated after an underbaked performance.

More duets got split up, including Jeb Vonderbruegge and Alyssa Fair, who sang “Stay.” Only Vonderbruegge moved forward. The couple who auditioned together — Kat Lopez and Alex Garrido — sang together again, but this time, they were separated. Only Lopez advanced.

Margie Mays and Jonny West, who are also dating, sang together. In their case, they both advanced after their duet. Standout singers Makayla Phillips and Cyniah Elise both sailed through to the next round along with Elyjuh Rene, Kimmy Gabriela, Evan Kuriga, Dillon James, Lauren Spencer and Makayla Brownlee.

The last two duets of the episode also brought a little drama to Hollywood Week. Robert Taylor and Tito Rey became easy friends on the show, but they couldn’t really blend well as vocalists. It was a rough performance, and Rey was cut while Taylor moved on. As for Just Sam and Sheniel Maisonet, the pressure really started to get to Just Sam. But Maisonet gave an effective pep talk and eventually, they both pulled themselves together and gave a powerful performance. Just Sam stood out, but they both advanced.

Hollywood Week continues Monday night on ABC.