'American Idol': Second Night of Auditions Brings More Golden Tickets

Original songs stood out on another night of auditions.
Craig Sjodin/ABC
'American Idol'

ABC's American Idol had its second night of auditions on Wednesday night, with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan handing out more golden tickets to Hollywood. Contestants need at least two yeses to advance to Hollywood Week, where the competition will kick into high gear.

Courtney Penry got things started with her audition of “Parachute” by Chris Stapleton. Penry made it to the group round of Hollywood during season 11 and came back hoping for more. She also sang “Girl Crush” during her audition, showcasing a bit more range. She did some interesting a cappella vocal effects. Penry got three yeses from the judges, getting another shot at Hollywood Week.

Logan Johnson from Boise, Idaho, went next, singing “Sober” by Demi Lovato. The song choice was personal, as he shared that he had a painkiller addiction as well as an older brother who struggled with addiction. He came to Idol eight months sober and gave a compelling performance. Bryan compared him to Justin Timberlake. Johnson got unanimous yeses as well.

Eddie Island from Nashville followed with a performance of an original song, which always wins the judges over. He accompanied himself on the guitar, too, showcasing a singer-songwriter vibe. Perry declared herself an early member of his fan club. Island sailed through to Hollywood.

Kason Lester was up next, singing “Holding Her” by Chris Janson. He also played guitar, and Bryan wasn’t a fan of the instrumentals but enjoyed his voice. Janson made it to Hollywood in a unanimous decision. In a montage, it was revealed that contestants Jake Durkin, Cory Young and Betsy Jo all made it to Hollywood, too.

Karli Ryan followed with the first split decision of the evening. She sang “Give Me Back My Heart,” an original song of hers, and while Bryan liked her vocals and songwriting abilities, Perry and Richie weren’t quite sold. They ended up saying no, encouraging her to come back again.

After a series of nos, Juan Pablo auditioned with “Besame Mucho,” bringing a lot of drama to his vocals. Perry in particular was into the theatrics, fanning herself throughout the audition. He secured three yeses.

Shayy Winn, whose package focused on the tumor surgery that made her legally blind, sang “Rise Up” by Andra Day for her audition. She blew the judges away with her clear tone and subtle but powerful ad libs. She moved Richie to tears. Winn sailed through with three yeses.

Landen Knowlton also got three yeses for his audition of “Washed by the Water.” Richie said he’d like to see more from him, and Perry thought he was maybe trying too hard. But they still gave Knowlton a golden ticket.

Next up was 15-year-old Ethan Payne, whose package focused on his cystic fibrosis diagnosis. He sang Bryan’s own song “Do I,” and the judges were impressed by his confidence. He got a unanimous golden ticket.

Married couple Kimberly Gatski and Bernie Gonzalez next auditioned together with a duet of “This Is Love.” They didn’t have the talent, though, and they got a no.

Alejandro Aranda closed out the night with a performance of his original song “Out Loud.” He accompanied himself on the guitar and showcased impressive vocal and instrumental abilities, showcasing the full package, which is what the judges have been looking for. Bryan said he had never seen an audition like it. Aranda easily got three yeses and is on to Hollywood.

American Idol's auditions continue Sunday night on ABC.