'American Idol': The Top 24 Revealed

The top 50 gave showcase performances as part of Hollywood Week.
Eric Liebowitz/ABC
From left: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan of 'American Idol'

The top 50 contestants were announced on ABC's American Idol on Sunday night, and on Monday that group was whittled down into the top 24 based on their collective performances throughout Hollywood Week. The top 50 sang showcase performances at a club in Los Angeles, and some of those were shown Monday night as judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie made their deliberations with artists one-on-one.

First up was young country singer Layla Spring. She sang “Proud Mary” for her showcase and put on an entertaining show. “I said you have to speed up the vibrate, and you did it!,” Perry said, highlighting her ability to take directions. “We’re really scared to send 16-year-olds through, but you’re a 16-year-old, and you’re going through,” Bryan added.

Michael Woodard followed, and for his showcase, he sang “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette, and he seemed a little awkward onstage and was affecting his voice too much, but the judges seemed to be into it. And Woodard undeniably has something special. They didn’t really waste any time with him in the hot seat, telling him he advanced right away.

Trevor Holmes sang “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan for his showcase, and it just wasn’t exciting enough. As badly as Perry wanted him to stay in the competition, he didn’t make the cut.

Despite the fact that she was told not to sing Carrie Underwood in her initial audition, Gabby Barrett ended up singing “Church Bells” in her showcase. Perry said it wasn’t good at first but that it finished strong. “I think you are what the competition needs,” Bryan said before telling her she was in the top 24.

Thaddeus Johnson, who was cut at this stage of the competition during season nine, sang “Hate on Me” for his showcase, and it was a standout, fun performance, but the judges didn’t think it was the right time for him. He didn’t make the top 24 again.

Singer and dancer Michelle Susset advanced to the top 24. Dominique, Trevor McBane, Maddie Poppe, Ron Bultongez and Alyssa Raghu also advanced, although their showcase performances did not air.

Singer-songwriter Catie Turner sang a very original cover of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. “Yesterday was shaky,” Perry said, adding that she has learned a lot. They ended up advancing her.

Les Greene, Milo Sposato, Britney Holmes and William Casanova were eliminated.

Jurnee sang “Never Enough” from the Greatest Showman soundtrack, and it was an emotional and theatrical performance, though she never over-sang, giving one of the best showcase performances of the night. She made the top 24.

Shannon O’Hara sang Perry’s own “Unconditionally” in a very stripped-down and gorgeous showcase performance. She made it through. Kay Kay, Amelia Hammer Harris and Brandon Diaz also advanced.

Noah Davis played piano and sang “You And I” by Lady Gaga, and he sounded strong when he was at the piano, but once he stepped out, he had some pitch issues. Still, he has been one of the judges’ favorites since the beginning. He went home.

Other early favorites Harper Grace, Carly Moffa, Samothias, Lee Vasi and Victoria McQueen also went home.

Ada Vox did an over-the-top cover of “Creep,” taking big risks, but she nailed it and highlighted her huge range. It was definitely one of the most memorable showcase performances, and it secured her spot in the top 24. “You have one of the biggest voices on the planet,” Bryan said after Richie gave him the good news.

Jonny Brenns sang “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith, and he had some breath control issues, but when he slipped into his falsetto, he sounded strong. It was a major improvement from his other Hollywood Week performances. He advanced to the next round.

Mara Justine, the youngest artist left in the competition, sang an over-the-top cover of “Something’s Got a Hold On Me,” delivering a solid vocal and an entertaining performance. She exuded confidence throughout. She made it to the top 24.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson also advanced, and fellow country boys Garrett Jacobs and Laine Hardy went in to see the judges together. Jacobs advanced, but Hardy did not.

Rocker Cade Foehner sang “No Good” in his showcase, and it was a solid rock performance with lots of personality. He made the top 24.

That left four more contestants waiting to receive their fates. The last two women fighting for one spot in the top 24 were Maddie Zahm and Effie Passero, and they went before the judges together. Zahm sang “What About Us” by Pink for her showcase, and Passero sang “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. Passero made it, but Zahm did not.

The last two contestants to face the judges were Marcio Donaldson and Dennis Lorenzo. Donaldson sang “If You Really Love Me” by Stevie Wonder and hit some killer high notes in his showcase. Lorenzo sang “A Song for You,” and it was another emotional and moving performance. As it turned out, there were two spots left, so the judges gave good news to both singers.

The top 24 will perform solos and celebrity duets next week. What did you think of Monday night's results?