'The Americans' Debuts '80s-Filled Opening Titles (Video)

Get ready for Soviet fonts and a lot of playful juxtaposition. The Americans, FX's new cold war drama, has released its opening titles ahead of the official debut in the upcoming series' second episode.

And staying true to the series' themes, the above video is equally about the 1980s as it is about the U.S.S.R. images of a stoic Soviet spies played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys flash between clips of 8-bit video games, perms and jazzercising.

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The FX series, about a duo of KGB spies posing as an American family, opens Jan. 30, and its national security premise has already earned it plenty of comparisons to Homeland.

But unlike Homeland, there isn't a lot to find fault with in these opening 26 seconds. The titles for Showtime's Emmy and Golden Globe darling, on the other hand, have been one its biggest targets for critics since its 2011 premiere.

How do the two stack up? Watch them both and decide for yourself.