'America's Got Talent' Discovers Six-Year-Old Screamo Star (Video)

America's Got Talent Judges - H 2013

America's Got Talent Judges - H 2013

America’s Got Talent may have discovered the next big heavy-metal superstar, and she’s only six years old.

In her pre-show interview, Aaralyn O’Neil was all sugar and spice and everything nice as her big-brother drummer, Izzy, age 9, told a cute story about his little sister hiding in his drum set, then discovering she could sing.

“When we go out there, we are going to smile and be proud and not be nervous,” said the elementary school vocalist.

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Judge Howard Stern was delighted by their cuteness.

“I can’t wait to hear your sweet music,” he told the siblings.

As the two siblings took the stage, however, Aaralyn’s vocals underwent an exorcism, unleashing what could only be described as screamo metal with an even more gothic title: “Zombie Skin.”

How frightening was the little tyke? Let’s just say she freaked out the scariest of all Spice Girls.

“Scary Spice is officially scared,” said Mel B.

Stern hit his buzzer for fear the child would lose her voice.

“I was afraid your voice was going to blow out,” said the paternal talk-show host. 

There was nothing to fear, for the fates of the pint-sized head bangers both were sent through to Las Vegas.

To see how it played out, watch below.

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