'America's Got Talent' Contestant Struck by Flaming Arrow

"A very unfortunate mechanical failure but I am very fortunate to walk away from it," he later tweeted.
Vivian Zink/NBC
AmberLynn Walker and Ryan Stock on 'America's Got Talent'

Things got real on NBC's America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night as comedy daredevil Ryan Stock was struck in the neck by a flaming arrow shot by his fiancee on live television.

Stock — known for performing death-defying stunts with drills and chainsaws — was about to stun audiences again with a stunt involving a target strategically placed inside his mouth (and down his throat). His assistant — AmberLynn Walker — was instructed to fire a flaming arrow at the target, but missed the mark, hitting Stock’s neck.

Stunned, judge Howie Mandel urged Stock to see the show’s Emergency Medical Technician despite the Canadian entertainer’s protests that he was "okay."

Stock later took to Twitter to tell viewers that he was doing well, and “fortunate” to walk away from the mishap.

Stock’s act is a favorite of judge Simon Cowell, who told Billboard the squirm-inducing pair have a chance to do well in Las Vegas. "I think they like all that stuff in Vegas. It's like watching a horror movie," he said. "You kind of don't like it, but you do like it and you want to see more of it."

Watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.