Amy Adams Apologizes for Accidentally Calling Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston

Amy Adams used her appearance on Tuesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers to apologize to some famous friends.

The first apology went out to Christina Applegate. "She's at the top of my call list and I have fat cheeks and I keep accidentally calling her when I smile during other phone calls," Adams explained on the NBC late-night show. "And then I don't say anything and I hang up, which is really rude. But it's been like 300 times, I think."

"It's not nice and so I apologize," she said of her constant hanging up.

The Sharp Objects star added that she has accidentally FaceTimed Jennifer Aniston. "I'm not sure it connected, so who knows what happened there," she said.

Meyers pointed out that by admitting it on television, Adams is acknowledging that she is aware of the mistaken calls to her famous friends. "I'm gonna say 'hi' next time," she said. "I don't know why I lose my courage, but I wanted to apologize, so there. I'm very, very sorry. It's very rude."

"I should just start leaving messages like I've been trying to reach her and she hasn't been calling me back," Adams joked. "Like, 'It's been like 300 times. Are you avoiding me?'"

She later talked about her aspirations to become a dance mom. When discussing her eight-year-old daughter, Adams said, "She takes a lot of classes. But I was a dancer and so I sort of talked her into taking ballet."

Meyers then asked if she considers herself a dance mom. "I want to be a dance mom so bad. I would love it," she admitted. "She won't perform. That was the deal."

"That seems to be one of the things you are shooting for in dance class," responded Meyers.

"Yeah. I would love nothing more," she said. "She learns it and she's really into learning things, but she's not into performing so we made a deal that she would not have to do The Nutcracker or recitals."

The host responded that the arrangement was not a bad deal. "It's not, but it would be really fun to, you know, be the mom fighting to the front with my camera," she said.