Amy Adams' Mom Plays Daughter's Role as Lynne Cheney in 'Vice'

Kimmel gave Kathryn Adams the Acade-Mommy Award for her performance.
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Amy Adams inherited her acting talents from her mom.

As the 91st Academy Awards approach, Jimmy Kimmel recruited the mothers of the best acting nominees to re-create the roles their children are nominated for on his ABC late night show.

"Every mother we asked wanted to be a part of this, but one mom shone brighter than all of them. Her name is Kathryn Adams. She's the mother of Amy Adams," said the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host. "She gave the performance of a lifetime playing the same part her daughter played."

The host explained that in the sketch the Oscar-nominated actress' mother played Lynne Cheney, whom her daughter played in the film Vice.

"The mominee for the Acade-Mommy Award is Kathryn Adams in 'Vice,'" Kimmel said before he shared a clip of the elder Adams playing a version of her daughter's role.

The scene opened with Kathryn angrily entering a room and yelling at Christian Bale's Dick Cheney.

"Two times, Dickey. Two times," she lectured. "I have to drag you out of that jail like a filthy hobo."

When he asked if they could discuss it later, she responded, "No! We're gonna discuss it now, while you smell like vomit and cheap booze." She took a break from her dialogue to make a disgusted face.

Dick then said that he loved her, and she demanded that he prove it. "Right now you're a big, fat pee-pee-soaked zero," she continued.

Kathryn's Lynne pointed out that Dick had a fly on his face and pulled out a fly swatter before she hit him in the face. "Got it," she said.

Following the clip, Kimmel announced that Kathryn Adams had won the award. After she hugged her daughter, the elder Adams made her way from the audience to the stage to give her acceptance speech.

"I don't know who to thank for this, but I do have a couple of people I really want to thank," she said at the podium. "First of all, I'd like to thank Rosalinabina. She's my dog. And of course Carol and Sandy and Sherry. You're the best."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much," she said before she tried to exit the stage.

Kimmel then subtly told Kathryn Adams that she forgot to thank her daughter. "Of course. My wonderful, beautiful, talented daughter Amy Adams," she said as Amy Adams was shown in the audience blowing kisses to her mom.

Watch the full segment below.