Amy Adams Plays "Box of Microphones" on 'Tonight Show'

Amy Adams Tonight Show H - 2016

Amy Adams joined Jimmy Fallon on Friday's Tonight Show to talk about her daughter, her wedding and, most importantly, her role as Lois Lane in Batman v. Superman.

The actress gushed about Gal Gadot's performance as Wonder Woman because she was such a big fan as a kid — "I had Wonder Woman underoos!" Adams told Fallon that she won't let her daughter watch the movie, not because of the violence necessarily, but because "kissing Superman would be confusing."

She also demonstrated her skill of crying on cue, which Fallon called "the best performance ever on The Tonight Show," as Adams teared up over a story about hot sauce.

The two also played a new game on the show, "Box of Microphones," in which they drew cards with song titles to sing. The twist: Each mic was loaded with a different vocal effect.

First up, Adams performed "Work" by Rihanna with a microphone that distorted her voice. Fallon then sang "Sorry" by Justin Bieber with the help of a microphone that made him sound like he just inhaled helium. They then upped the ante with a duet, with the vocal effects changing for each line of the song "You're the One That I Want" from Grease.