Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon Reminisce Over Fake Movie Posters on 'Late Night' (Video)

The former "SNL" co-stars joke about a series of ridiculous, entirely made-up films in a spoof of late night interviews.

Amy Poehler's legendary improv background came in handy on Wednesday night.

The Parks and Recreation star visited her former Saturday Night Live co-star Jimmy Fallon's Late Night, where the pair immediately showed off the kind of chemistry that can come only from working so closely together for so many years. Along with talk about her Peabody-winning comedy, the two went meta in lampooning the kind of canned chit chat that so often occurs when a late night show is compelled to have as a guest an actor pushing a project. 

Providing hilarious responses to the usual "what was it like on set?" inquiry, the two comedy stars traded "memories" -- or, really, made them up on the spot -- about their time working on such films as Connect Four (a "think piece" war film that takes place in Yugoslavia, obviously), Third (a romantic drama that was made in the Saudi Arabian desert) and the fantasy flick Chronicles of Holkroft 3: Kwest for the Krimson Amulet, in which Poehler's character had fists for breasts.