Amy Schumer Gets Fully Uncensored in Her Show's Season 4 Trailer

Inside Amy Schumer trailer grab - H
Comedy Central

Comedy Central is teasing the return of Inside Amy Schumer with one word: uncensored.

The full trailer for the fourth season of Amy Schumer's Emmy-winning series, titled "When Amy Happens to You," has arrived, and the raunchy sneak peek shows the comedian in a handful of comical sketches and situations. Schumer is seen in a variety of setups — a barista mistakes her for Fat Amy from "that singing movie," she steps into character as a woman who doesn't know her maid's name, dances sexually, dances awkwardly, kisses a girl and shines the spotlight on her "steaming Hot Pocket" — all in the span of under two minutes.

In previous promo spots, the Trainwreck writer and star has been diagnosed as "overexposed" and has even dared to claim that she knows the fate of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.

Watch the NSFW montage for the new season of Inside Amy Schumer, which premieres April 21, below.