Amy Schumer to Jon Stewart on 'Trainwreck' Shooting: "It Broke My Heart"

"The second this happened, you want to act," she said about helping enact stricter gun control.

Amy Schumer opened up to Jon Stewart about last month's Trainwreck shooting.

Schumer was a guest on Monday's Daily Show, where she described how she felt when she heard about the incident during a Louisiana screening of her film that left two women dead and nine people injured. 

"Man, what a bummer," Schumer said. "I was legit heartbroken to get that news." She also joked about when she learned of the shooting: "I got a call, and I had a lot of missed calls, so I assumed there was a sex tape of me out or something."

"To hear that news, it broke my heart," she continued. "It was so horrible." 

Schumer spoke about having teamed up earlier that day with Sen. Chuck Schumer, her uncle, to call for stricter gun control. "I did a press conference this morning with Sen. Schumer, whom I'm related to," Schumer said.

"The second this happened, you want to act," she added. "I wanted to go down there and do whatever I could."