Amy Schumer Previews HBO Special: "Everyone's Starving" in Hollywood

Amy Schumer Emmys Arrival -  H 2015
Dan Steinberg/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

Amy Schumer is ready to take on Hollywood from the Apollo.

The comedian told Maria Shriver in a Today interview that aired Friday of her upcoming HBO special, "I feel like I went underground with this story on Hollywood, and I'm coming out, 'OK here's what's going on: No one's just naturally thin. Everyone's starving," Schumer said. "Telling all the things I found out, which will hopefully make everybody laugh and feel better — which is my goal across the board with everything."

She also expanded on her Kardashian-targeting jokes from her Saturday Night Live monologue: "I really like that family and I think that those girls are inspiring and they make me laugh. But [I like] the idea of not always pushing so hard and having it be how you look and trying to alter something to try to become this perfect woman or thing, and because they're so heavily in the media, for a lot of women, that's their role model."

The Inside Amy Schumer star also got emotional when discussing her body image, with which she struggled until working with stylist Leesa Evans on Trainwreck. The experience inspired her to team up with Goodwill of Southern California to inspire other women on style empowerment workshops.

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo premieres Oct. 17 on HBO. Watch the video below.