Amy Schumer Reveals the Fate of Jon Snow in New Show Promo

Inside Amy Schumer trailer  - H 2016
Courtesy of Comedy Central

No one outside the most inner circles of Game of Thrones purports to know the fate of Jon Snow — except Amy Schumer.

"Jon Snow is definitely alive," says the Inside Amy Schumer star in a new teaser for her returning Comedy Central series.


"Because he said no to doing our show."

When the HBO show returns April 24 — the same week that Schumer's fourth season premieres on Comedy Central — Thrones fans are hoping for a resolution to the theories surrounding the fate of the fan favorite (played by Kit Harington).

In the GoT-themed promo called "Schwinter Is Coming," the comedian is dressed like Khaleesi and perched atop a white horse while flanked by two men. 

"No, fame hasn't change me," she assures her fans. "This is just the Uber that picked me up."

In a previous promo, the Trainwreck star poked fun at how she's been everywhere between seasons when she gets diagnosed as being "overexposed." 

Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central April 21. 

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