Amy Winehouse Joke Edited on 'Glee Project'

Oxygen bleeped a comment from “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy on the Sunday night re-run.
Mishca Richter

While a light jab at British crooner Amy Winehouse might have been fair game a week ago, Oxygen’s The Glee Project is now singing a different tune.

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Following the sudden death of the “Rehab” singer over the weekend, Oxygen quickly edited an episode of the reality program in which Glee creator Ryan Murphy pokes fun at a contestant dressed in drag.
“I’m surprised you didn’t come out here dressed like Amy Winehouse. Why didn’t you?” Murphy said. While the contestant joked that he’d be happy to put something on, Murphy’s next comment was dropped from the broadcast.

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According to the Boston Herald, Murphy shot back that only “a mop and a bottle” were needed to complete the ensemble, which was received to raucous laughter. Editors replaced those few seconds with a shot of judge and Glee choreographer, Zach Woodlee, while cutting the audio completely from the broadcast.
The original episode, complete with un-funny joke, originally aired on July 17. It was re-broadcast Sunday, July 24 at 8 p.m., leading into the new episode’s 9 p.m. slot.