Amy Winehouse's Parents to Anderson Cooper: 'There Was No One There to Rescue Her'

Anderson Cooper, Mitch Winehouse, Janis Winehouse

Anderson Cooper will start his new daytime talk show just the way he likes it: With the latest scoop. He will be the first person to sit down with the late Amy Winehouse’s parents and her boyfriend, Reg Traviss, on the premiere episode of Anderson airing Monday.

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Mitch and Janis Winehouse will discuss what caused their 27-year-old Grammy-winning daughter’s death and hope to dispel rumors that she had been using illegal drugs once again, referring to the results of the toxicology report.

"So that everybody knows," Mitch Winehouse tells Cooper. "I've been banging on about the fact that she hasn’t taken drugs in three years."

Mitch admits Amy was taking a prescribed medication called Liprium. He describes it as “a normal drug, which is given to people who are detoxing and it kind of decreases the chances of having seizures. She was continuing to take one of those pills every day."

He goes on to explain that Amy was trying to kick her alcoholism problem, which he says probably killed her.

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"She had a series of seizures brought on by this binge drinking and then stopping to drink,” he explains. “I think it's what the doctor said. I think she had a seizure and this was the time when there was no one there to rescue her."

The couple says that they’ve decided to speak now in order to get the word out about the foundation they’ve created in their daughter’s memory.

“We are hoping to raise money,” Amy’s father says. “We will raise money for disadvantaged children suffering with drug abuse, ill health."

"I was in New York when I got the news that she passed away,” he also says. “The first thing that came into my head was Amy Winehouse Foundation… Children, horses music, all the things she loved. I decided immediately that's the direction we were going."

Amy was found dead in her North London Home in late July. 

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