Anderson Cooper Calls His Laughter About Gerard Depardieu Incident 'Embarrassing'

Viewers, however, were very entertained by the CNN host’s "RidicuList" segment.

The video of CNN host Anderson Cooper breaking into the giggles during a “RidicuList” segment on CNN has become a web sensation, as viewers enjoy seeing the composed host lose it over the story of actor Gerard Depardieu’s plane incident.

Depardieu was apparently arrested after he refused to listen to flight attendant’s requests to wait 15 minutes to go to the bathroom after take off. Instead, he urinated on the carpet of the plane in full view of passengers.  

Cooper actually predicted that he would laugh during the piece, which was packed with as many urine puns as possible.

“I giggle everytime I try to read through it. Hope I don't mess this up,” he tweeted. Even Cooper could not have predicted the massive amount of attention that the clip would get.

VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Loses It During Gerard Depardieu Segment

“It’s embarrassing, but glad you laughed as well,” Cooper tweeted to one of his followers that commented on his laugh.

“It's a goofy laugh, but I'm stuck with it,” Cooper wrote.

Seasoned TV host Ryan Seacrest shared a piece of advice with Cooper after watching the video. “Hey Anderson Cooper… BRILLIANT! But u gotta lower the eyebrows & tuck the chin for speedy recover next time,” he wrote.

Fans loved the clip of Cooper, enjoying a real and relaxed moment from the famous news reporter.

Maureen Soricelli wrote: “You cheered up a great many of us today, and you are almost as good as the laughing baby on YouTube.”

Karen L Wheeler wrote: “Laughter is the best medicine right? Anytime I need a laugh, I can watch that.”

Teri Cerar wrote: “it was so funny. We've all had those embarasing silly moments. Just not on camera.”

Lowell Miller wrote: “Just proves you're human. Your reports from Africa made us cry and last night made us laugh. We needed it. Thank you.”

Andrea Bell tweeted: “You made my day yesterday...and today again. I can't stop laughing every time I watch.”



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